Open your home to the world!

We at STS Foundation invite you to welcome a new son or daughter into your home and family. STS Foundation has 50 years of experience as a proud U.S. Department of State designated sponsor, responsible for bringing thousands of people together over that time. When your family says YES to hosting, you are saying YES to:

* New and enriching experiences
* Helping a young cultural ambassador experience living with an American family, attending an American high school, and being an active member of your American community
* Getting a front seat to learning about another country and culture
* Making a life-long difference in the life of your exchange student, your family, and your community
* Rediscovering your American community by exploring it through an exchange student’s eyes

STS Foundation welcomes families of all kinds to host and in every type of community from small towns to city settings. Just listen to one host family share their experience!

“There Couldn’t Be a Better Organization”

“I HIGHLY recommend hosting with STS Foundation! We have been with them for two years now and can’t say enough good things! Our Swedish daughter and French son have become family members! Hosting has by far been the best experience of our lives, not only for us but our 4-year-old is growing up with such a large family now and learning so much about things from around the world! He is in complete awe of his big brother and sister! As far as STSF, I’m not sure there could be a better organization! We have always gotten the support we needed and they truly care about all of their kids and host families! Every Local Coordinator I have met is professional, kind, and welcoming. Ours has gone above and beyond to help us and our students! It is truly a tight-knit community and we’ve made some great friends! We can’t wait to continue working with this awesome organization and to keep hosting more students.” — Stephanie West, Host Mom

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