Become a STS Foundation student

Have you thought about coming to the US? We would love to welcome you. The best way to discover and learn something is to experience it for yourself. Television, movies and the internet limit the scope of the “real” USA. Becoming a part of our communities, schools and families is a great way to try new things and accomplish things you never thought possible.

This is the procedure

Step 1: Locate the local STS office in your home country. Apply directly to the STS office.

Step 2: Application is reviewed and activated after an interview with STS Staff.

Step 3: Once accepted into program, your application will be assigned to a Local Coordinator and he/she will be begin searching for a Host family for you.

Step 4: Once the Host family is secured and the match is made, we work with the local school to obtain written permission for your attendance. At this time the placement will be approved and you will be notified.

Step 5: Attend Pre-Departure Orientation in home country.