Alex from Switzerland

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Program Start: August 2023

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Taekwondo, skiing, gaming, drawing


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About this Student

For sure you think I love chocolate. This is false; I adore SWISS chocolate. Jokes aside, with this sentence I want to introduce myself. My name is Alex, and I want to spend a year on exchange in the United States and create wonderful memories. I’m Italian and Swiss.

I could talk for hours about my family, nevertheless I keep it briefly. I have two lovely parents and a younger brother. I also have two cats, that’s why I can handle living with animals well.

I have a few typical interests for a teenage boy in my age, such as playing video games, watching series, or listen to music. I would rather spend time with my friends or my host family than stay in my room at home. I do Taekwondo; I like the sport and I’m quite good in it. I once won the Swiss championship and finished second this year. Since this year, I’ve been teaching the younger children Taekwondo. I’m also a passionate skier, as are most Swiss people.

I have the strong desire to finally make my dream come true and get my opportunity to experience the actual American life that so many people dream of. I am fascinated by the high schools in the USA. Besides, language has an important meaning for me. English is considered a universal language.

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