Frida from Germany


Gender: Female

Age: 16

Program Start: August 2023

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: reading, music, horse riding


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About this Student

Hello, my name is Frida and I’m from Germany. I live together with my parents, my little brother and our family dog in a house with a big garden. My family is very dear to me and I love spending time with them. On the weekends we often go out to eat, shop, go on walks with our dog or meet friends and family or we just stay at home and spend a lot of quality time together.

I love reading books and listening to music. Aside from that I like to draw and bake from time to time even though I’m definitely not the best at both of them. I’m not that into sports at the moment but that’s just because I can’t really find one near my home that I’d like to do like horse riding. The most sport I do are my daily long walks with my dog, but I am searching for a hobby that keeps me fit and makes a lot of fun.

I really wanna live in the USA because I want to get to know a completely different culture with a totally different everyday life and a, from what I´ve heard, totally different school day. My parents traveled a lot through the USA when they were younger and from the stories they told me, they had a great experience living in the USA for a few months. I also have a few friends that already did an exchange year a few years ago and told me if I don´t do it now I am missing a big occasions in which I could make new experiences, new friendships and memories for life.

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