Nicolai from Germany

Germany_Male_Light Brown

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Program Start: August 2023

Program Length: Academic Semester

Interests: Volleyball, piano, basketball


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About this Student

My name is Nicolai, but everybody calls me Nico. I am a boy who wants to know how it is to live in America. I want to know everything about it, I have seen too many films about the US, so there is so much about America that I always hear, but I never really experienced that. I will find it out myself whether it is like they say.

I am very passionate and highly interested in quite everything. That is why I have already tried a variety of sports throughout my life. My current favorite is volleyball. I like that team spirit you get after a while. It shows the friendship and teamwork you will need in this sport. I also like to ride horses and play instruments. My family owns a piano, which my mom, my grandma, and I like to practice with. I also like to do workouts. My best friend and I want to go to the gym together and push ourselves to the next level.

To my parents, I am happy that I have such loving parents, and I am delighted that my parents have given me this opportunity to go to America. Not to leave out my friends, I have great friends, and I am sure I will miss them, but I am very extroverted and energetic. Sometimes my friends ask me where I get all this energy from, and I don’t know. But I know some things about humans so that I can make new and good friends; thus, I am sure I will make new friends and have a great time in the US.

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