R from India

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Program Start: August 2023

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Soccer, Debate, Music, Languages


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About this Student

I’m glad to write this letter to you and I’m grateful for having this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is R. Sri. I am an extrovert who loves to speak with people getting to know about each other. I’m an open-minded person as well as an independent person. I learn through experiences and keep myself going.

I enjoy doing so many activities with my family such as going for evening walks, watching TV, soccer matches, playing badminton, riding. We also go out during Sundays sometimes and visit our hometown. We eat our meals together which helps in building a strong bond.

My interests are in music, dance, yoga, and physical exercise. I am a choir student in my school. I love to dance and I hope to grow my interest in dance by attending classes in the future. I know a few basics of a popular classical dance of India. I learned it when I was younger. Yoga is an integral part of my life, it helps me refresh, calm down, increase my flexibility, connect myself physically and mentally, keep myself happier. I love playing soccer. Right now, I’m learning to play guitar every Thursday in my school through my instrument teacher.

Through this exchange program, I await to experience my life’s new magical things in USA. I’m so excited to meet my host family, to share love, create an unbreakable and lovable bond. I’m also excited to learn about the culture, create unforgettable memories, step out to the new world and grow together as an amazing family.

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