Michelle from Italy


Gender: Female

Age: 17

Program Start: August 2023

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Acting, travelling, reading, watching movies/series, cheerleading


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About this Student

I’m Michelle. I want to become an exchange student because it is my dream to live and study in USA since I was young. I’m so excited to spend a year there: I can’t wait to go to a high school and meet new friends. I chose the USA because I’m so curious to discover this new culture, food and places, also I think is the country that suits me the most.

One of my biggest dream is to become an actress, in fact I did some courses of theater. Also I would like to join the cheerleading team, if it’s possible, because here in Italy I have practiced it for 4 years when I was young and I would like to do it again. At the moment I don’t do any sport, but I have practiced artistic gymnastics at a competitive level for about 5/6 years.

Beyond that, I really love reading because through books I can live thousand lives and experience through my imagination. Sometimes I also like to write. Maybe in the future I will write a book, it would be nice! I like art in general: museums and galleries, cinema, books, music!

During my exchange year I would like to spend time with my host family, for example watch a film together in the evening or even just talk to them to create a special bond, because I’m sure that the people I will meet there I will carry in my heart for the rest of my life.

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