Stian from Norway

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Program Start: August 2023

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: American Football, Gym, Motorcycles


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About this Student

Hi, my name is Stian Andrè, a boy born and raised in Norway. From what I have heard from people I will say I’m an enthusiastic, smart, nice, smiling, energic, dutiful, and purposeful person. I go to a sports focus high school because I’m on the football team. My interest is American Football, and motorcycles, being with friends, family, and training.

The reason why I want to go on an exchange year in the US is that I want to get the feeling of the American culture and live in it. America has one of the best school programs out there, love that you guys have every subject every day and I can`t wait to get there. I have always been interested in the US, its culture, laws, the police, the military, food, music, amusement parks, and others. The reason for that is most likely because we here in Norway get so much influence from there, we see it on TV every day, news, social, music, school, media, and movies. Before I started American Football I always played games on my pc, and I remember always playing American police, fireman, and ambulance simulators.

The biggest reason why I got so interested and almost addicted to The US culture is that my dad has told me a lot of stories about him being in America and working with Americans as a civil and in other countries for example Somalian civil war as a soldier.

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