Local Coordinators

STS Foundation is looking for enthusiastic individuals who like meeting new people and learning new things. We are seeking Local Coordinators throughout the United States who would like to join our team. Local Coordinators are community representatives who are mentors for our high school exchange students and advocates for our non-profit mission to build lifelong relationships through the power of high school student exchange.

STS Foundation Local Coordinators are people involved in their community, are enthusiastic, caring, enjoy learning about new cultures, and have fun sharing their slice of America with others.  When you become a Local Coordinator, you will gain skills and confidence in many areas, such as networking, clear communication, mentoring, coaching, leading orientations, coordinating activities, and expanding your social circle.

Local Coordinators are a key component of the support STS Foundation provides to their local High School, Host Families, and Exchange Students.

STS Foundation Local Coordinators select, thoroughly screen, interview, and orient new and renewing Host Families. During the program year, the Local Coordinators support the student and host family by maintaining consistent and open communication; providing valuable information, advice and mentorship throughout the program year. Local Coordinators must be 25 years or older.

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Active Local Coordinators can access STS Foundation training modules here.