Welcome the leaders of tomorrow!

STS Foundation is proud to be designated by the U.S Department of State to welcome recipients of the prestigious Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) and Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) scholarships.

  • Only 2.5% of scholarship applicants are selected to come to the United States
  • 75 Nobel Laureates and nearly 450 current and former heads of state and government are alumni of these scholarship programs
  • Scholarship students give back to their host community by volunteering at least 50 hours each year
  • Make a life-long difference in the life of your exchange student, your family, and your community
  • Rediscover your American community by exploring it through an exchange student's eyes

Future Leaders
Exchange Program

Over 35,000 students compete annually in multiple rounds of testing to earn a FLEX scholarship, which provides for them to spend an academic year in the United States living with a volunteer host family and attending a U.S. high school.

While in the U.S., FLEX students gain leadership skills, learn about American society and values, and teach Americans about their home countries and cultures. FLEX students perform community service in their U.S. communities and act as ambassadors of their home countries. Many are inspired by this spirit of volunteerism to develop and implement innovative projects in their home countries, using the skills and ideas they gained while on program. FLEX students are naturally curious and enthusiastic citizens of the world.

Kennedy-Lugar Youth
Exchange and Study

The YES program was established by Congress in October 2002 in response to the events of September 11, 2001. Through the U.S. Department of State’s Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) program, high school students from countries with significant Muslim populations live and study for an academic year in the United States.

YES students serve as “youth ambassadors” of their home country, promoting mutual understanding by forming lasting relationships with their host families and communities. Applicants compete for YES scholarships through a rigorous, merit-based selection process. While on program, participants live with American host families, attend high school, and engage in community service and civic education activities.

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becoming a host family


When you host an exchange student, you welcome a new member of your family. When your student leaves, you will have a "son" or "daughter" in another country.

Bring the world to your home

Not only will you get to share your American culture, but you will also learn about a new culture and country from your student! Through hosting you will broaden your world without leaving home.

Open your eyes to a new perspective

The daily routine that may seem mundane to you, will seem extraordinary through the eyes of an exchange student. Hosting is a great way of discovering or rediscovering everything your local area has to offer!

It was so nice having a daughter! I've never had my own biological children so this experience allowed me to experience motherhood. I couldn't have had a better experience.

Host Mom from Indiana

This was our first time to host an exchange student and the experience was incredible! We were so excited to get the opportunity to host. And it did not disappoint! We enjoyed building the relationship with Lena and watching her grow throughout the year.

Bill and Carol
Host Parents from Texas

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