Become a Host Family

Discover how welcoming an exchange student into your family will bring the world to your home

When you become a host family for an exchange student you invite the world into your home and community. Hosting brings people from different parts of the world together to share their language, culture, and traditions. It is an opportunity to expand your horizon and discover the world without the need to travel long and far. Discover for yourself why each year, thousands of families across the United States choose to become host families for foreign exchange students.

Discover new cultures without leaving your home

Exchange students are excited to share their food, language, and traditions with their host families, schoolmates, and everyone else they will meet along the way.

Build lifelong friendships around the world

After learning from each other over the months, lifelong friendships are built and your family grows with each exchange student you host.

See your home from a new perspective

Becoming a host family is a unique way of rediscovering your local community through the eyes of an exchange student for whom everything is new and exciting.

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Meet our Exchange Students

STS Foundation exchange students are bright and curious young cultural ambassadors coming from over 30 different countries. All our students are proficient in English, have maintained above-average academics, and demonstrated the character to be successful exchange students.

Host Family Online Info Sessions

Join us on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 8 pm Eastern Time to learn more about STS Foundation, the impact of exchange programs in the United States, and what it means to become a host family for an exchange student.

Our experienced STS Foundation team and current participants will be there to answer your questions!

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